Traditional Thai Massages

Thai Massage Trnava Dada Wanida
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Thai masseuse Dada Wanida deals with Thai massage from an early age. The Thai massage is a tradition across her family for more than 105 years. Her mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and others of their ancestors dealed with this relaxing activity.

Come and enjoy a pleasant massage in the beautiful surroundings of the Holiday Inn Trnava. Choose from a variety of massages. Maybe you would like to get the traditional Thai dry acupressure massage, or you may prefer the Thai oil acupressure massage. You can choose from relaxing head massage, shoulders, back or neck massage. You can get a special back massage using herbal packs, creams and oils.

You can choose from a really wide range of Thai massages, from the top to the tips of your toes.

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